Bad Credit Loans South Africa

If you are finding it difficult toget a loans, possibly because of a poor credit history, bad credit loans may be the answer for you. These lenders offer loans for people with bad credit, and are more likely to lend the necessary funds. Interest rates are likely to be higher than normal loans however, to cover the perceived risk of giving money to such a borrower. You can also apply for payday loans which provide a quick way to get cash in your account, though these are intended to be paid back within a month or less.

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Company Representative APR Loan Amount Min Term Max Term Terms Type of Company ID Required More Info

Debt Lab Loans for Bad Credit
Debt Lab Loans

Variable R500 - R150,000 1 Month 60 Months South African ID number and be in employmnet Loans Broker Payslip and SA ID Debt Lab Loans
Debt Lab South Africa offers many financial products including debt management, personal loans, payday loans and bad credit loans. You can apply to borrow from R500 up to R150,000 and even if you have a bad credit history, Debt Lab will try to get you a loan.

Wonga Fast Loans
Wonga Loans

60% per annum; 5% per month R100 - R2000 1 Day 30 Days Employed, over 18 years old wih a South African ID number Loan Lender SA ID Number and Cellphone Number Wonga Loans
Fill in the quick application form and get an instant decision. You can get a loan even if you have bad credit, and the cash can be in your account today. Maximum loan amount is R2000 for the initial loan, and you should aim to pay back the loan in 30 days or less - the quicker the repayment the less the repaymnet amount.

Loan Finder South Africa
Loan Finder SA

(RR x 2.2) + 20% per year
R500 - R150,000 12 Months 72 Months Employed, over 18 years old wih a South African ID number Loan Broker - apply to many lenders in 1 form SA ID Number Loan Finder SA
Loan Finder is a bad credit loans broker that will search a number of lenders to find you the loan you need, whatever your credit history. They deal with lenders who can loan out up to R150,000 so if you need a large amount of money, apply now.

Finances Portal Loans
Finances Portal

Variable Up to R230,000 Variable Variable Applicant must be employed for 6 months and have a South African ID number Loan Broker - many loans available ID Number and Cellphone Finances Portal
Finances Portal is a loans broker - so can source you a loan through its many lenders, via just one application form, for up to R230,000! Each loan may have different APR and terms, so make sure you have read all the details before confirming your loan.

Boodle Bad Credit Loans
Wonga Loans

0.17% per day R100 - R2500 1 Day 35 Days You must be in employment, be over 18 years old and be in possession of a SA ID number Loans Broker Email, Cellphone and Bank Acccount Boodle Loans
Get a loan today - Repayment is between 1-35 days. Once your application is confirmed and successful, your cash is guaranteed in your account in 10 minutes. Your first loan has a maximum of R2500 maximum but you can borrow up to R8.000 for any future applications.

African Bank Loans
African Bank Loans

Variable R1000 to R10,000 3 Months 12 month You must be in employment, be over 18 years old and be in possession of a SA ID number Loans Lender ID Number and Cellphone African Bank Loans

At African Bank you can apply for a bad credit personal loan from R1,000 to R10,000. You also have a flexible repayment period between 3 to 12 months. Apply today to see what African Bank can do for you.

Get Bucks Loans
Get Bucks

Variable R500-R4000 7 Days 45 Days You must be in employment, be over 18 years old and be in possession of a SA ID number Loan Broker - many loans available South African ID Number Get Bucks
Get cash in your account today! Apply for a loans from R500 to R4000, with a choice of repayment period between 7-45 days. The quicker you pay back the loan, the less interest you pay - try using the cash 'sliders' on the homepage to give you an idea of the payment amount.

Loans for Bad Credit in South Africa

There are a number of loans lenders who specialise in lending money to those who previously have a poor credit record. These are often called 'loans for people with bad credit', 'loans for bad credit', 'bad credit loans' and so on. What it means is that these companies understand that not everyone has a perfect history and are willing to lend to South Africans who have difficulty getting a loan elsewhere. In most cases this will mean a higher interest rate; as the lenders need to protect themselves as they are dealing with a riskier customer base.

Payday Loans for Bad Credit in South Africa

There is also another type of loan that is usually available to bad credit borrowers. There are so-called 'payday loans' or 'fast loans'. These are not a long term solution but are designed to meet a quick need for funds when an emergency situation comes up. The loans are high interest if taken out for a long period, but are manageable if paid back within a month; which is the suggested repayment period.

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